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Ghost In The Shell EP

by Anthony Drawn

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Closed doors, from the outside these eyes look open/ Blind guides, nuthin to hold these hands only swinging rope to let the soul escape/ Who can you run too in the hour if chaos?/ Raw like the hate towards brothers and sisters/ Smiles on faces, words behind backs, money talks, friends die... now the enemy is born/ Can you live? Steering with your eyes of hate?/ Burning bridges, communication with fires/ Stuck in now coursing tomorrow/ The wish on life just a gamble on progression/ Distracted by her essence neglecting the skills to heal, will he role in his grave? looking in vain/ I thought this boy more... but fuck it/ Crews in this game, black and white faces, from the inside the motive of unity nuthin but a smoke screen/ So for this purpose we watch who the we work with/ No pay, spit for the love but soon it changes/ Need to travel exit these pavements/ Who's rollin? learn-teach the new movement/ The life science of keeping my heart pumping/ Still 50/50 stuck in the grey, need to make that decision/ Ghost in a shell marching towards the doors of another world/ Colours of purples, reds, greens, and blues/ Just a bundle if flowers from the vision/ The rhyme flourish only love of the art extraction of self in another form/ Love or love to hate it, we still energising growing past the gates of illusions/ Welcome the others and see them walk in, sit around table, candle lights, romantic whispers on the ears of angels/ It's on tonight the memory sparks, the sounds perfect vibes from the unknown/ These words are real like moving a cup across the table using the minds will/ Fucking with reality, can't kill this way of life, talk to plants your communication is another ones silence/ Kill time so Teks running with it/ Peace to her words, the day I guided her in death, my words her only release the hands to hold onto dearly/ Spit life out this face, end it with the heart to listen/ No cross but the jewels are the same, from these pages thewords are hidden/
Silent Storm 01:55


free download: www.sichtexot.com

"The life science keeping my heart pumping" roars Teknical Developments voice out of the pad cloud created smoke screens between which his grey coloured silhouette is trying to escape in the distance, however, he is simultaniously being rebanished there again by overcompressed kick drums.

As receiving shelter from this by Anthony Drawn's created sound atmosphere, Tek's soul expressions appear almost disguisedly and thereby anonymous and personal at the same time. This allows the listener to draw his very own picture of „Ghost in the Shell“ in the omnipresent foggy grey.
Sina. [Belfast, IRL], Nocow [St.Petersburg, RU], Tufu [Cologne, GER], Aether [Boston, USA] and Figub Brazlevic [Berlin, GER] underlie the lyrics with their own interpretations and deliver the words from their own both profound and pathos-packed perspectives, so that different aspects of the topics dealt with are highlighted.

Covered by two new instrumentals and a song with „disgustingly“ performed raps from Loki (Luk&Fil), the „Ghost in the Shell“ EP is considered to be an appetiser for the upcoming longplayer „A Beautiful Fragile Balance“ from Anthony Drawn being released on vinyl this winter.

In addition, this release functions as the setup of the groundwork for the future cooperation of Chakra Sounds and Sichtexot, which includes the release of the Obba Supa LP coming out at the beginning of 2012 on vinyl.


released November 13, 2011

Produced/mastered: Anthony Drawn
Vocals: Teknical Development from Obba Supa, Loki from Luk&Fil
Remixes: Sina., Tufu, Aether, Nocow & Figub Brazlevic
Artwork: Aro (www.aroone.de)





Sichtexot Germany

Es geht um Drums, es geht um Samples, es geht um Swing – und das fern ab von jedem Zwang seine Musik in irgendeiner Art und Weise steril zu glätten. Die Jünger des Sichtexoteismus sind Verfechter von Organik! Reflektierende Lyrics und wesenlose Battleraps auf Beats. Nicht mehr und nicht weniger. ... more

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